Water: Truly a Lifeblood


Just like all the other elements of the earth, water is a vital part of our survival and that’s a known fact. Water in its every form is useful to us for all our activities from morning to night. Imagine a day with a dirty heap of laundry to fix and no water… or getting excited about taking a dip in the pool and discovering the missing blue mass… even more horrifying is to think a day without a glass of water to drink… In short, our life is just impossible without water. Here I have talked about why, when and how of drinking water and their fantastic benefits, so let’s take a peek.

  • “WATER IS LIFE”. Everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water a day. But as we are very busy in our daily life we forget to take this natural drink. A solution to this could be a clever store of a bottle of water with us in our car or in our handbag.
  • Drinking two glasses of water in an empty stomach in the morning can be very much effective for our body. It helps activate internal organs.
  • Research says if you drink one glass of water before taking a shower it helps to control high blood pressure.
  • Drinking one glass of water before meal helps in proper digestion of food.
  • If you drink a glass of water before going bed at night it will prevent heart attacks.

Now comes the benefits of drinking water-

  1. Our body is composed of about 60% of water. Drinking enough water maintains balance of body fluids. Through water, nutrients get transported into our body and it also regulates our body temperature. Dump the junk and try eating fresh fruits and vegetable to maintain our body fluids. You don’t want those wrinkles smiling at you face!
  1. Water helps our muscles energize. The drink could be in the form of plain drinking water or you can go for an array of healthy teas (and no not milk tea!). Drinking enough fluids is a must while exercising otherwise you could get cramps.
  1. Water is our skin – charger, it detoxifies, moisturises, tones our skin and helps it to look gorgeous. According to Jenifer Aniston drinking lots of water keeps her looking ageless. A study was published in 2007 in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, and it was found that drinking 2.25 litres(9.5 cups) of water everyday for four weeks altered skin density and thickness. “What’s more, a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work effectively”, says Julius Few, M.D, Director of the Few Institute And Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgeryat the University of Chicago.
  1. Water helps maintaining normal bowel function. It helps in digestion and prevents constipation. So the next time you furrow your brows while sitting on the toilet seat, you might want to consider drinking more water.
  1. Dehydration could cause loads of trouble for you. You may suffer from headache and migraine sodrink plenty of water to keep those awful things at bay.
  1. Drinking water helps to reduce fat from our body and controls calories by increase our metabolism. Now this is should be the highlights of this entire blog! Go on! Fall in love with water now…
  1. When we drink plenty of water or we get enough fluids, we urinate painless and it is lighter in colour and free from odour. This is because body fluids help kidneys to transport waste product in and out of cells smoothly.

Maintaining a healthy body is the first thing to a healthy living. The habit of drinking water alone is a major step towards it.  But a significant point in this entire activity is to drink clean and purified water.According to World Health Organisation (2007, WHO report) “1.1 billion people lack access to an improved drinking water supply, 88 percent of the 4 billion annual cases of diarrhoea are attributed to unsafe water”. The WHO estimates that 94 percent of these cases are preventable through access to safe water.

In book words, water purification is actually how we remove harmful chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water. Purified water hencetastes better and has no smell and as a bonus protects our body from many diseases. Here is where purifiers come to the rescue by removingparasites, algae, virus, bacteria and fungi from water and produce pure quality drinking water. You can avail numerous good purifiers from the market and have safe and pure water. Kudos to the guy who invented this wonder machine… I can’t imagine those awful things getting inside my body everytime I drink!

 If you want some more merits of using a water, here you go –

  • A child’s proper mental and physical development depends upon healthy drinking water.
  • According to the EPA “Lead in drinking water contributes to 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children every year in the United States alone”.
  • A pregnant woman needs lead free, safe and pure drinking water to prevent severe birth defects.
  • By removing chlorine and bacteria, water purifier gives us better smelling, better tasting, pure , healthy and safe water.
  • Water purifiers prevent the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer by removing chlorine from drinking water.

After reading the entire blog it is pretty clear why we should drink safe water. Albeit, staying healthy is also contributed by many other factors but it could be said without a doubt, there is absolutely no alternative to this particular habit. Say bye-bye to 90% of your problems and welcome a healthy living. Drink water and stay fit!

Feature Image Source: venturesafrica.com