Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries


Sports and injuries are as tightly knit as the sweater you adorn to beat the winter cold. It is almost representative of a cause and effect – Sports resulting in injury. Yes injury is inevitable, but don’t write this article off way too soon; this piece gives insight into avoiding the inevitable; Sport is not the cause of injuries, going against the grammar of sports is the reason for injuries. Sports is a science, and science symbolizes methodology; Respecting the science of sport and adhering to its principles is the first step towards avoiding sports injuries.

The term science which was used in the earlier paragraph is a massive, all inclusive term, the sub parts of which form the subject matter of the rest of the article.

  • The first step is to warm up before entering the field of action; a 10 to 15 minute workout involving simple stretching articles can reduce the likelihood of injuries by 60 percent. Warming up increases the flow of blood to the muscles and improves metabolism and hence sports performance as well
  • Even the finest knights of Europe went into battle in full armor and so with no further assertion it can be declared that protective gear is a necessity while playing. Moreover the gear should be of good quality and should be worn as per the specified instructions
  • Technique of play further decides the occurrence of injury, elaborating further – good technique is inversely proportional to the occurrence of injuries. So the right technique has to be practiced to avoid injuries. All is fair in love and war but unfortunately it is not so in the playing field; playing as per the rules and heeding to the referee’s instructions is of utmost importance, a game played with high quality of sportsmanship is less likely to be bombarded with injuries
  • It is extremely important to keep the body hydrated by drinking a lot of water, as dehydration can be fatal. Hydration also improves performance by giving the tissues of the body renewed strength
  • Just like how warming up is important to the human body so is cooling down. Warming up helps in preparation for physical exertion whereas cooling down helps the body return to its normal state and removes stiffness of muscles
  • Turning the pages of the history of sports, the conclusion one can arrive at is that injury through the ages have been caused by two factors
  1. Lack of precaution
  2. Freak accidents
  • Freak accidents are a major cause for injury in sports. Though there is absolutely no way to control this, they can be reduced by improving concentration and focusing all senses on the game at hand. It is advised to stay away from sports during heavily traumatic periods as the exertion of both the soul and the body at the same time is too much for our metabolism to bear
  • What is vital is inserting short breaks in between game schedules so that the game doesn’t take a toll on the muscles and bones. Rest is vital as it rejuvenates and adds more power and clarity to our sport abilities. But care should be taken not to overdo the breaks as it might seriously affect the player’s potential
  • Never be ashamed to back off in case of extreme pain or sweat as it increases the threat of aggravating the injury. Everything has a limit and so does exertion; over exertion can kill but proper and systematic exertion can make you win 

To Conclude

These suggestions don’t make one immune to injuries but will surely reduce the chances of occurrence of injuries by a huge percent.

“Play hard, play safe in sports; Play hard but never play safe in life.”

This is the mantra that you should hold close to your hearts to live a life filled with health, wealth, love, bliss and peace.

Feature Image Source: health.usnews.com