Ways To Celebrate The Upcoming Year


Bidding goodbye is always a hard thing to do but when the goodbye is meant for welcoming the New Year, its always warm and hopeful. You greet the New Year with cheer, joy and a hope to fill the year with good memories that would last forever. There is no page left to roll over in the calendar. The year has almost come to an end! The night of the new day needs to be celebrated with bright spirits. Dancing in a night club, opening bottles of wine and champaign and going out for a dinner at the city’s best restaurant must have already been done by you. Why not try out different ideas celebrating this new year!

new year...

Lets talk about a few ways that might lift you up in providing with newer ideas to enjoy merrily.

Honour traditions of New Year:

Countries all over the world believe in different New Year traditions. Some of the countries even follow these and celebrate in their own way. In Brazil and Greece, sharing meals with family is important, in Scotland, there is a tradition of enjoying new year bonfire. Similarly, in Denmark, a tradition of smashing old plates on your friend’s doors is common, in Phillipines, people follow a tradition of eating 12 fruits at midnight. Hence, try out any of these and enjoy the new year!

Street party events:

Dress the way you feel comfortable in and move out of your place to the streets that have all the colourful and delightful events organised for the New Year. Musical bands, juggler shows, theme parties, food stalls are all present on the same night. Rejoice in the events for full enjoyment before the sun rises!

Prepare a good meal:

Its been the same since a quite many years when you have visited your cities’s restaurants for a good meal. Try something new and totally different for this year. Cook a new recipe for your family and friends. Invite your kins home and stay indoors away from the chill of winds and snow. House parties bring happiness in a different way altogether. Interesting games and conversations invoke a new spirit and zeal.

Plan out a hike:

Go out camping and hiking with your friends to the nearest mountain and capture the wilderness of nature. Bonfires at night with your favourite music outside tents enchant you absolutely. Adventure thrills and adds more fun to your spirit. Make the most out of it to make it a cherishable new year memory.

Night out in the nearest hotel:

The nearest hotel or resort in your city invites you to visit and feel the excitement of enjoying the new year celebrations. Instead of moving far from city, the nearest hotel is a better option to enjoy with friends and family. The resort pool and the hotel meals are to be enjoyed. The hotel spa soothes your exhaustion of the entire week.

Be there for the needy:

Plan out something for people who need you. Visit old age homes, orphanages, hospitals and talk to people there. Make them smile and feel special on the New Year. You can also go to the market and buy some food or clothes for the poor people.

Click pictures, invite friends and kins to make the moment merrier. Start afresh with a new approach towards life, being more focused on things you are already working on and the new things that are to be started this coming year.

Whatever you choose to decide, remember safety comes first. A pleasing environment, good company and enjoyment with safety mixed together will bring the New Year wrapped with warmth and care. Bring in the new year with a bang! Enjoy with safety!

Welcome 2015!