What To Choose During Menstruation – Tampon Or Pads?


Menstruation is something that one cannot deny on the other hand it is very obvious that ladies out there must be having many choices whether to choose pads or tampons. These both can be used to soak the blood while you have your periods. There is a survey that in a girls lifetime she uses more than 10,000 sanitary products. So, it is very important for you to understand your reproductive health and choose the product wisely. There are chances that if you choose the wrong product. You have to assure that you stay hygienic and clean in your periods with all the comfort.

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads which is also known as napkins are widely used by all the women across the world. Initially women used to use cotton rolls or cotton clothes during the menstruation. But with the development in the reproductive health there are many different products in the market which the ladies can use according to their choice and preference. The choice of the sanitary napkins changes from the high flow to the low flow. In general women used xxl pads with perfume such that they do not stink out of bad odor when the flow is heavy. Though many females find it difficult to carry the pads which would make them bit uncomfortable.

The sanitary pads come in various sizes and materials. There are many pads used from chemicals, plastic and bleach and other biodegradable pads are made up of cotton and are environment friendly. These pads have a better absorbency and would avoid leaking.


Tampons are also made out of cloth (made of cotton and/or rayon) that go up into your opening and away. They need to be put in at an angle then pushed up, either by hand or applicator. You can’t feel very much and they tend to cause a yucky odor less often than a pad. If you are a virgin, there is a flap of skin called the hymen in front of your vaginal opening.

There obviously a hole in your hymen that your flow travels out, but it still may be difficult to use a tampon the first few times. They may also hurt when coming out if they are not wet throughout. If you leave a tampon in for more than eight hours, there is a chance you could get a disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome, but this is rather rare. Change them every 4-8 hours, and start with slender tampons if you are a virgin. Tampons can be used comfortably while exercising and even swimming.

It’s best to try out both, if only for the experience. Even if pads don’t appeal to you, you might find tampons uncomfortable. And even if tampons don’t appeal to you, keep a box handy if you ever happen to go swimming while on your period.

Pads are easier but tampons are still great too! If you are having trouble you may want to ask your mom, a sister, or a friend that has started her period. Pick someone you trust. It may seem awkward at first, but it won’t be because every girl gets her periods.

You can certainly go for the best choice according to the one which is comfortable to you. There are lot of other reproductive health products which you can use in your periods but among all you have to make the best decisions as all of the measures are not good for the health. Some may cause serious reproductive diseases. You have to be very conscious as far as the reproductive care is concerned. Hope this piece of information would help you to chooses the for you.

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