What’s Your New Year Resolution!!


How strange it is when we are aware that the years are passing by, life is steadily coming to an end but still an excitement of New Year is there, the passion of doing something big is still running in our hearts. It is actually a great thinking for all of us! We should remain positive and happy all the days, months and years. One of the funniest parts of life is making resolutions each year and not implementing a single one. But there are some dedicated minds who are ready to face every challenge during their resolution. SafetyKart is making you familiar with some of the resolutions which people think to keep and follow:

Bond With Family

The best time in life is what you spend with your family. Some people won’t be able to give much time to their parents and some are away from their homes. There are also some who don’t like to spend time at home. This New Year, try to change your mind and start giving some time to your first love of life.

Exercise Time

It’s a common thing what everyone wants to follow but become lazy afterwards. Exercise should be a part of a regular routine. It keeps you physically and mentally fit. Joining gym is another thought of thousands. Wake up your mind and start following your likes or even dislikes!

Work Smart, Not Hard

There is a saying that hard work is the key to success! Actually not always!! In today’s era, a smart worker has more value. So, many will like to change that and it’s good also! Let’s set a quote of yours, ‘Be Smart, Work Smart’!

Remembering Important Dates

Seems funnier but its true! Especially complaints come from females for males. A male remember when to send mails but forgets the important dates! So keeping this thing in mind, probably one of the most important resolutions!


Late comers will probably laugh after reading this! This is also one of the resolutions which people follow to make others happy and also himself/herself satisfied. Let’s see who starts reaching office on time and who still snoozes their alarm for 10 minutes.

Lower Expectation From Others

Expectations can cause anything!! It’s a tough challenge for the one who would like to implement this resolution. One has to make himself/ herself strong from inside! If you get success in this then hats off to you!! So, don’t expect, just respect!

Weight Loss 

This one is the first resolution of 9 out of 10 people. It’s a good thing that people are thinking about their health. But on the other hand, some starts avoiding food for that. That is wrong! Instead of this, one can avoid junk food as it will help a lot.

Quit Smoking

Addiction of something is not always fair! One of them is smoking. There are smokers who had done the miracle in the past by quitting it. Many of them are still ready to do this. Everyone is aware that it’s a tough task but not impossible. Come on guys! You can do it!

These were some resolutions which people make or even you can make from this year. If you will find success in doing anyone of it, then mind it ‘you can win anything’!

A Very Happy New Year to all!!

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This post was first published in December 2015