Whiskey Is Healthy! You Bet?

healthy whiskey

Prepared by the fermentation of grain products, distillation, dilution and aging, whiskey is popular because of its inviting aroma and taste. The older your whiskey is, the tastier it is. But apart from this, would you ever have guessed this alcoholic beverage actually has health benefits? Heard people repeatedly telling you to go easy on alcohol? Of course, too much of anything is bad but turns out when taken in the right quantity, whiskey can do more good to your health than any other drink! Right from aiding in weight loss to preventing heart diseases to stimulating your brain, you now have more pronounced excuses to consume whiskey. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that whiskey has to its credit.

Bye-bye heart attack

Scientists have claimed that a large shot of whiskey can protect you against coronary heart disease. It has been found that consuming whiskey and red wine decreases the risk of heart disease by raising the level of anti-oxidants in the body which prevents accumulations of free radicals. Now, before you decide to have a large shot every day, remember that the benefits prevail only if you consume a large shot per week.

Weight conscious? Good news! Whiskey is low on calories

A shot of whiskey has absolutely no fat and only 0.04 carbs and sodium in small quantities. This meager amount of calories and the very simple sugars can be easily broken down by the body, ensuring no beer belly, no diabetes and even an easy weight loss journey. Sounds too good? Yes! Now you can undeniably say hello to the perfect abs. Fitness freaks, are you hearing?

Lower risk of having stroke

More reason to consume this wonder drink. While uncontrolled amounts of whiskey can be bad and may even increase the risk of stroke, when consumed in moderate quantities, whiskey has the ability to prevent ischemic stroke.

whiskey is healthy

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Preventing Cancer

The most popular health benefit of whisky consumption is its property of reducing cancer, which is known to be the deadliest of illnesses. The elegiac acid content in single-malt whiskies provides great health benefits! How? It is rich in anti-oxidants which have the ability to absorb miscreant cancer cells.

Reduces risk of acquiring contact dementia

A prospective study of alcohol consumption in 2003 had proved that compared to teetotalers, people who consumed one to six glasses of whiskey in a week had lower risks of acquiring contact dementia. Whiskey consumption is associated with several structural and complex changes in the cerebral vasculature. The antioxidants can stimulate the brain, boost memory by increasing circulation and has even been said to reduce the inception of Alzheimer’s disease!

Digestive properties

Forget antacids, pour yourself a glass of whiskey after meals and see how it can create wonders in your digestion. Moreover, a small amount of whiskey can be a stress-buster and helps you relax by reducing anxiety.

Now can we just say a glass of whiskey a day, keeps the doctor away? Exactly!

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