Why Is Fire Training Necessary In The Workplace?

fire safety

Life is full of unknown twists and turns. You have no idea when a fire may embark in your home or your workplace. However, when it comes to home safety, we make sure of getting our homes insured and also install fire alarms to keep our property safe. But, things are taken a lot more casually when it comes to securing our workplaces from fire. A lot of people rule out the chances of fire breakouts in their workplace by simply thinking it to be the safest place of all. But, with almost all offices and workstations now installed with heavy wires, computers, printers, fax machines and other electrical instruments, it gets essential to train your staff for fire safety. After all, it is the life of your employees that is most precious as compared to your already insured office premises and machines. In case a fire breaks out in your office, your employees should be trained enough to save their own lives and also help others to escape from the fire. Find a few basic yet important fire safety training steps that you should keep in mind.

Identifying the Severity of the fire accident

Fighting a fire outbreak is not a very easy task. You can’t follow the same steps of safety taught to you for every fire outbreak. For the best results, it is important that you understand the situation, its severity and then act accordingly.

  • In case the fire is minor and has just started, you can simply catch hold of a fire extinguisher and cease the fire before it spreads all across.
  • In case the fire has already spread across your office, make sure to simply stay calm and then start following the evacuation procedure without causing a stampede. Ask your colleagues to form a line and then slowly evacuate the office premises as taught earlier during your fire safety training sessions.

Using a Fire extinguisher

Following a step-by-step fire safety procedure is very easy. But when it comes to applying the steps taught during training sessions, most people freeze. Before you end up holding a fire extinguisher in your hand during a real incident, it is important that all office employees are taught how to use one. This will help them cease the fire before it spreads and causes more damage.

Using stairs instead of elevators

This is a basic fire safety training rule. Always use the stairs to avoid choke ups or getting stuck in the elevators during a fire outbreak. The electricity is most initially cut off once a fire spreads at work. As a result, it can be really dangerous in using the elevators to escape the office.

On the other hand, the stairs are easy to access and wide enough to allow many people walk down the building without a stampede.

Keeping calm and thinking fast

During a fire accident, most people get panicked and start behaving recklessly. They run from place to place only causing more havoc and complication in the evacuation procedure. Keeping calm and thinking practically is most difficult in such situations.

In case you find yourself trapped in such a situation, breathe deeply and then think of the usual office fire safety training steps that you have been trained with. Remember the steps and follow them to simply save your life and that of your colleagues.

Get Fire alarms installed and checked regularly

And lastly, make sure that you install only the best fire alarms in your office. Also, get them checked regularly to ensure their proper functioning.