Wilderness Survival Handbook: Get The Best Survival Tips Inside

Wilderness Survival Handbook

Survival! The act of surviving in difficult circumstances! Almost all of us have once faced a tough situation in our life where it could be difficult to survive. And those who didn’t face till now are lucky as the easy and interesting solution is out in the words of Chandan Lahiri. The Wilderness Survival Handbook is a detailed book including many tips and tricks that come in handy when one ventures into the adventure life.

In today’s environment, things can go tough anytime, and then the survival knowledge can makes a big difference to tackle the situation. The tips included in the book also help people during natural disasters and calamities. This survival handbook is a must read for those who loves to travel. The book contains wilderness survival essentials like Attitude, Shelter, Fire, Water, Food, Signaling, Navigation and Survival First Aid. It’s always have fun when you feel the wonders of wilderness. We can understand that you want to have some fun, to see, feel and experience the beauty of wilderness. But there is a big chance that a dream can turn into a nightmare, putting you in a survival situation.

SafetyKart, satisfying people with their safety and protection related products, is powering this eminent book. With the motto of being safe, the safety platform is selling the book for the benefit of the people who loves to experience the adventure.

This Wilderness Survival Handbook has a beautiful concept of 7P’s to survive. And it has been explained more beautifully by the author. The 7P’s are Proper, Planning, Preparation and Practice Prevents Possible Problems. Planning should be proper as without planning you can’t always expect a proper trip. Prepare for the specific requirements for the geography, terrain and weather you are likely to encounter. Carry the gear that will help you in times of distress. And practice using the items that are in your bag packs. This will turn out to be a happy holiday from a possible horrible nightmare. Turn a survival situation into a self-reliant situation.

30 Days Alone in the Wilderness

Challenge of the Four Passes

About The Author

After spending nearly two decades in advertising and communications, Chandan Lahiri gave in to his passion for adventure and exploration. Son of a Lieutenant General, a Green Beret and a national level footballer, he imbibed the passion for sports and adventure from a very young age.

Chandan Lahiri

In fact, his father Lt Gen MK ‘Mike’ Lahiri, PVSM was one of the first officers from the Indian Army to be trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in jungle warfare to become a Green Beret. Thereafter, he started the Commando Training Wing for the Indian Army. He was also the Commandant of the famed Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School that trains soldiers from the Indian armed forces and from around the world, in jungle survival and warfare. Chandan has spent many nights with his father when the soldiers were undergoing training in the leech infested jungles in the north east of India. His interest in sports, adventure, survival and self-reliance were inherited from his father.

He now runs the OTA Survival School to train people for a safe outing in the wilderness. His aim is to try and ensure that people living in eco sensitive regions of the country are trained in survival and self-reliance to be able to take care of themselves in case of natural disasters and calamities that hit the country so very frequently, often resulting in fatalities. If these people were trained and equipped, many could possibly have survived and the survivors might have had a safer and more hygienic time while waiting for rescue to be effected.

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