Win Against Earthquake With lifePatron


Delhi-based start-up installed India’s first onsite Early Earthquake Warning System

Delhi-based start-up, Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. has installed India’s first onsite Early Earthquake Warning System called 'lifePatron' at Haryana government’s Mini Secretariat building in Chandigarh.  

The system gives an early warning on sensing the primary waves of an impending earthquake, giving ample time to save several lives and infrastructure. The system is installed with technology that makes it possible to alarm of an severe earthquake a few seconds before it struck.

Secty Electronics GmbH, Germany launched an unique onsite technology in India in association with its Indian partner Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. 
A device offered by the company needs to be installed on the foundation pillars of a building. The device can detect P (Primary) waves, which are in mild form and are followed by strong S (Secondary) waves during an earthquake. The device gives an alarm as soon a P waves struck and allows at least a few seconds to avoid loss of lives and property during earthquake in the area.

“It took GFZ (German Research Centre for Geosciences), 100 years of study, research and data collection to develop an algorithm to give early earthquake warnings. The algorithm has been programmed into software by secty electronics GMBH. We are glad to introduce the technology in India,” said Juergen Przybylak, Managing Director, Secty Electronics.
“This is much needed technology in India, especially in areas that are at high risk seismic zones 4 and 5. If Kathmandu city residents and people of Bihar knew that this 7.8 earthquake is rippling towards their homes and any such Early Earthquake Warning and Security System exists that could to tell people that an earthquake is on the way, thousands of lives could have been saved today,” said Bijender Goel, Managing Director, Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. 

He has also requested the government of India to make the system's import duty-free till we manufacture it under the 'Make in India' programme in India.
Interestingly, the device also turns off the electricity supply, water supply, gas supply and opens exit gates in a building automatically before the earthquake hits the area. According to the company, it is the only earthquake warning system in the world that can be connected to the building management system.

The device costs Rs. 30 lakh and is patented in 5 countries including USA, Japan, European Union, Turkey and Iran. The technology is currently installed in more than 25 countries including India,Pakistan Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Iran, Taiwan, Peru, Turkey, Mexico, USA, and Chile, to name a few.

It has been successfully tested internationally by many reputed institutes including Sharif University of Tehran (Iran) and National Observatory of Athens (Greece), Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung BAM (Germany), TUV Rheinland (Germany) and recently tested sucessfully in India too by CSIR- Structural Engineering Research Center (SERC), Chennai. 

The most immediate warning time of the device was 30 seconds in Chile 2010. The device has till date not given any false alarm since its first installation in 2006. The technology has also won "WIN Award" of United Kingdom for best innovation product in 2006.

“Prior to its installation in Chandigarh, the machine was successfully tested at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC) lab in Chennai and very useful in Indian scenario as no such available here,” said Prof Chandan Ghosh, head of the National Institute of Disaster Management (Geo Hazards Division).

About Terra Techcom
Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi-based startup, founded with an aim of developing and marketing competent electronic system solutions for advanced earthquake warning and earthquake security technology as an integral part of modern building management in Indian markets.  
The company has joint venture with secty electronics GmbH, under which it has got marketing and distribution rights for secty lifePatron.   

About Secty Electronics
Secty Electronics GmbH, headquartered in North-West Germany, has developed a unique and innovative product, secty lifePatron® in close cooperation with the scientists of the Geo ForschungsZentrum (GFZ) Potsdam. This modular advanced earthquake warning system has arisen which its function ability has put under proof in extensive tests at the GFZ.

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