Win The Game With Safety Measures


It is rightly said that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sports is related not only with athletes or kids, it is an essential activity for every individual to stay both physically and mentally strong and bold. Working out is necessary for each one of us in this bustling life today. The everyday hectic schedule at school or work has made us lazy and bland affecting our lifestyle, causing ill health like muscle ache, pain in the knee joint, spinal cord ache and other muscular pains. A healthy body includes a good mind too, that can be developed with good exercise. Sports activities include all outdoor and indoor games that require a good amount of energy.

Playing sports can be fun but if you are not careful, it can be dangerous as well. Playing with care is important thing to be kept in mind. We have noticed that at times athletes injure themselves or get unwell before a game or during the sports event. So, lets discuss a few steps that are to be taken while enjoying the game.

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Warm up, stretch and cool down:

No matter what your age is, it is important to warm up and cool down your body muscles before the game to start. Jogging or stretching lessens the chance of muscles from straining or injuries to the tissues. Thus, stretching makes the muscles flexible and loose that makes easier to play harder.

Use the safer equipment:

Always use safe and proper equipment that is related to the sport you are indulged in. The right equipment leads to safety while playing and getting injured. Safety gears include helmets, belts, jackets, safety harnesses, goggles, wrist and mouth guards, shoes etc. At times sunscreens are also helpful in helping you play actively. Also remember a biking helmet is not the same as a sports helmet.

Hydrate before playing:

Drink gallons of water everyday is what we always get to hear from doctors and parents. It is all very vital for sportspersons too. Drinking plenty of water or liquid intake is necessary especially well before stepping out for the game and also during and after sports activities. There are sports drinks and juices available to provide added energy. Dehydration and you lose the game!

Rest well before and after the game:

A proper rest makes you active and energetic during the sports event. Thus, a good amount of sleep and rest is required both before and after the game. If the athlete is injured, he/she must be provided with a day or two of rest to enhance the game spirit. Also, taking breaks of a few minutes between games is needed too.

Table Tennis, marathon, badminton, skating, cricket, hockey, football, swimming, cycling, working out in the gym, lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball, zorbing and other adventure sports along with many other games are included in sports events. These games require safety tips to be ensured to the players to protect them from severe sports injuries.


The injuries that might occur are:

Cuts, burns and unconsciousness: During a sports event, the athlete might get hurt from cuts, burns and getting unconsciousness. Hence, a first aid kit is important to be kept at every sports organisation to provide safety to the players. A quick first aid treatment helps reduce the severity of the injury.

Bone injuries, sprains and strains:  If the player is injured in the bones and muscles, a severe pain might occur that could affect him/her from playing. The pain might last for a longer span. Thus, there are tapes that are highly effective to provide relief from pain and injuries to the sportspersons. These tapes can be used by all age groups and are water resistant so these are well suited while swimming too.

Head and knee injuries: Wearing protective gears help prevent from head and knee injuries. Helmets and knee guards protect you while striking the game harder.

Heat related injuries: There are skin lotions and sunscreens with an ideal SPF mark and energy beverages to keep you active throughout the game.

Repetitive motion injuries: These injuries include fractures and pains that are caused after a heavy work out or sports that involve over exertion in the shoulder and elbow. Running and jumping also lead to knee and leg injuries, thereby tapes and bands help reducing pain and making you stay stronger and also help returning back soon to the game field.

Sports is necessary to stay a healthy life and for fun. This has helped athletes win the game and compete with others. Play safe play hard!