The Wonders of Contemplating Sitting on a Toilet Seat


Ever wondered what ticks for a majority of people to sit in the toilet seat and think?Well, here it is. A lot of us tend to be more relaxed and quiet when we are in the toilet. Our mind is simply awesome in its mechanism. Paradoxically it works better when we leave it alone for it to work. People spend a minimum of fifteen minutes to half an hour sitting on the pot away from the hustle and bustle of office work, arguing with people in the home front or away from boss’s prying eyes.

People invariably get into patience mode while sitting on the pot. They provide a wealth of ideas and witty responses to be made at the drop of a hat. Very often, phones are carried into the bathrooms to chat or to play video games. It gives therapeutic effect to those people who don’t want to have a conversation with certain clients and they end up flushing the toilet many times over. People working in different professions like Doctors, Engineers or Scientists give up on solving different problems. Sitting in the toilet gets their creative juices to flow and magically come up with the opt answer. Men and women get their most creative ideas while taking a dump.

Image Source: The Impact

Neurologists say that creativity depends on dopamine release and distraction from repetitive thinking. This is the only “ME” private space available to every individual free from interruption. The relaxing environment inside allows our mind to think freely. This lets us be more open to the inner stream of consciousness and daydreams. A lot of men and women alike keep magazines and books stacked up in the bathroom to read in relative solitude. People all over the world travel to distant places. The first thing they look out for is a clean and safe to use the toilet. Toilets are the need of the hour where more people have access to mobiles rather than Clean toilets. Portable toilet seats are an in thing now, especially in crowded places.

World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day is being celebrated on November 19th. The government is stressing on the need to use safe and hygienic products like PEESAFE. They are building affordable toilets in the villages and explaining to them the importance of having your own personal toilet at Home. There are many villages across India where people do not have access to toilets which leads to poor sanitation. This is linked to water contamination and spread of infectious diseases. Peesafe is been introduced at the right time which acts as a toilet seat disinfectant. It is also used as a sanitizer spray which makes it 99.9% free of germs. Here feminine personal hygiene needs a particular mention. Public toilets are the one place that has a multitude of bacteria and infections which if not cleaned hygienically can get transmitted to females. At this point in time PEESAFE which is a portable female hygiene product needs to be used to keep the toilets clean and safe to use. it is a sanitizer spray which can be easily carried around as travel toiletries. It acts as a disinfectant and deodorizes the toilet.

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