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summer holidays

No one really looks forward to the blistering summer of North India but for school children and their parents it means planning for that much awaited vacation. There is a plethora of choices within our country that are pleasant, brimming with natural environment and beauty and away from the city madness. However, with the excitement of a vacation also remember that travel safety is also of prime importance. Remain aware of little things regarding hygiene and health and ensure that you carry a toilet seat sanitizer spray – Pee Safe, Hand Sanitizers – Wiclenz Anti-Bacterial Instant Hand Sanitizer, Clean Wipes and other such health safety products. Enjoy a hassle free holiday and come back energized – we give you a list of places that you could visit this summer.

Where to go? Lets read out to find which place attracts more or if they all invite simultaneously!

Havelock Islands in Andaman

havelock island

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Shimmering white beaches, bluish-green waters and a host of ‘must do’ activities makes Havelock a vacationer and back-packers heaven. Havelock is the largest island and has allured many tourists across the Bay of Bengal, for whom the enchantment of this place never wears thin. The pristine waters surrounding the island make it an ideal place for scuba diving, which is a great way to see the coral reef that is the best in Andaman.  Visitors can also indulge in snorkelling and the thrilling ferry ride. Tickets for the ferry can be booked through the hotel you stay at.

Pench National Park,  MP

National Park

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This is unique due its biodiversity that is defined by the varying terrains of hills, valleys and some sharp vertical slopes.  The park is named so since the Pench River cuts right across the middle quite like a lumbering gigantic snake and feeding the extravagance of the forest. The park boasts of a large variety of shrubs, weeds, herbs, climbers and Teak trees.  It is also home to large variety of wildlife divided in to 33 species of mammals, around 10 species of amphibians, 30 species of reptiles, 50 species of fish, a host of insect life and more than 160 chirping and unusual species of the avian world.   Visitors are particularly drawn by the desire to see tigers and panthers for which this park is famous. However, Jackals, Foxes, Porcupines, Flying Squirrels, Hyenas, Wild Boars, many species of deer are just some of the interesting wildlife found here.

Jorhat, Assam


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Located in Assam, Jorhat is a beauteous city and Majuli, the world’s largest river island is located here.  Jorhat is also famous for its lush and emerald tea. What is interesting about Jorhat is the fact that there are many curious places to visit around starting with the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary just 19kms away.  What is even more attractive is that tiger spotting is not a rare occurrence here! Then there is the Jorhat Gymkhana that hosts horse races with the Governor’s Cup being one of the major trophies awarded here.  This place also houses the oldest golf course in Asia and the third oldest in the World and is a lush verdant 9 hole expanse.  The other places of interest are – Lachit Borphukan’s Maidan (27 kms)- the burial vault for Lachit Borkhupan the greatest Ahom General, Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar, it took 42 years to build this elegant structure and is used as a place of worship in Assam and the Cinnamora Tea Estate, located just 10 kms from Jorhat and was the first tea garden in Assam made in 1850.

‘Gateway to Ladakh’ or Drass


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Situated at 10,990 feet above sea level and in the district of Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir, Drass remains unexplored and retains its charm. It wears varied cloaks depending on the season. The place is frigid in winter (between October and February) and wears a thick blanket of shimmering white with temperatures at thrilling -60 degrees below zero! Drass changes hues dramatically in summer and spring – there are splashes of color everywhere. The emerald pastures, jaded hills, wispy white clouds in a bright shiny blue sky and exotic hues of the vivacious wild flowers that seem to have sprung up everywhere. This is certainly the place for the quirky adventure seeking wayfarers and also for those who want to do things differently.

Sandakphu, Darjeeling


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Heights enthral you? Then Sandakphu is the crowning glory as it is precariously perched at 3,636 meters and is the highest peak of Darjeeling. Intriguingly it gets its name from the toxic Aconite plant that grows near its peak and Sandakphu literally means ‘height of the poison plant’! The majesty, placidness and opulence of the sturdy mountains will leave you awestruck and for those seeking more than just sights this place is a blessing from heaven – clearly visible International India-Nepal border, miles of Rhododendron forests, an astounding more than 600 varieties of delicate Orchid flower, the breathtaking sunrise over Mountain Kanchenjunga, the bird’s eye view from the Sandakphu Peak and the bio-diversity of the Singalila National Park.

Journey on happy vacationer – keep safe, keep happy.

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