Zooming in on Camera Safety: Protecting Equipment Outdoors



Planning a photography outing or trip may sound like an unnecessary headache for many.
Why? That is because it involves the safeguard and care of photography equipment, which is as sensitive as it is expensive.

Discuss equipment with photographers and there will always be more than one or two stories about equipment breakdown. Lenses and camera sensors are known to be extremely sensitive. From bumps to moisture to weather changes, lenses and cameras need extreme care in, both, handling and transportation.

To any photographer, their equipment is gold. And on an average, a photography professional has equipment, easily, worth a few Lac Rupees. It seems, the only way to eliminate the risk of damage is to acquire expert protection.


However, as intimidating as it may sound, ‘expert camera protection’ costs only a fraction of what lenses or cameras cost.

Here are some cases that will give more mileage and protection to your cameras than their cost:

Aquapac Stormproof SLR Camera Pouch

Aquapac Stormproof SLR Camera Pouch2 022--600 px

Imagine beautiful weather (let’s say it’s raining) that is just inviting you to head-out and click a few photographs. Most will not think twice before shunning the idea of wading out in rain with photography equipment, right?

It’s a good thing that Aquapac is very serious about offering your cameras the best protection against the weather, so you can be free-spirited.  Come hail or high waters, you can trust the Aquapac Stormproof SLR Camera Pouch to keep your SLR camera dry, clean and safe.

The Aquapac Stormproof SLR Camera Pouch offers  100% protection against rain, mud or spray of any kind. Its 3-roll seal will even stop pressurized water from a fire-hose from getting through to your camera and it’s guaranteed to float on any liquid surface. Overall, the Aquapac Stormproof SLR Camera Pouch is an excellent waterproof camera pouch  to carry your SLR camera in for activities like river-rafting (Aquapac reccomends that you can tie this pouch to your kayak and be worry-free!) to hiking in the rain.

Dicapac WP-S10 Water Proof Camera Case

WP1-S10 600 px

Those who can successfully brave the weather and wander out with their SLRs know that exposing an SLR to the natural elements may spell problems for the camera, and repair bills from doom.

Here’s where the Dicapac WP-S10 Water Proof Camera Case comes into play. Crafted for use by water-sports enthusiasts, the Dicapac WP-S10 Water Proof Camera Case houses your SLR in a PVC vinyl case which protects it for up to 5 metres in water, up to 30 minutes.  Its lens port supports lenses from 50 mm to 150 mm. The polycarbonate lens at the lens-end is UV coated for clarity in photos.

The best part about the Dicapac WP-S10 Water Proof Camera Case is the ease of access it provides to the controls of the camera. Reaching and using the buttons and focus and zoom shifters on your SLR are simple, even with the protective case on.

Definitely a must use for any occasional or professional photographer who doesn’t want to compromise the SLR safety for a great opportunity.

Pelican 1510 Carry On Camera Case

Pelican 1510 Carry On Case1 600 px

Pelican products are a favourite with professional photographers to armed personnel for a simple reason: they deliver what they promise. Built to withstand almost anything, Pelican products offer total protection for your equipment.

The Pelican 1510 Carry On Camera Case is an exemplary model. It is stated as unbreakable, watertight, crushproof, dustproof, chemical resistant and corrosion proof. It can comfortably house 4-5 lenses, 2 SLR cameras, batteries, lens filters and protect them against the roughest conditions. In addition, it automatically adjusts air pressure inside the case and offers unmatched protection to your camera equipment. Unlike many other products in its category, the Pelican 1510 Carry On Camera Case is designed like a trolley bag and is ready for a rough road.
Ideally, it’s the best bet for a globetrotting photographer who expects nothing but the best in weather and damage proofing for their equipment.

Pelican 1560LFC Camera Case

Pelican 1560LFC Black1 600 px

Pelican goes the extra mile to offer comfort and protection, with the Pelican 1560LFC Camera Case.  The case comes with their trademark Pick N Pluck Foam which can be easily be modified for specific cameras and lenses. It also features a 15-17 inch laptop pouch and removable pouches for wires and miscellaneous camera add-ons.

The Pelican 1560LFC Camera Case is made from ultra-high impact structural copolymer shell, the same which is used in Pelican military cases. It is airtight, watertight, dustproof, crushproof, chemical impact resistant. Needless to say, total protection for camera equipment.

Given its dimensions, it may also be allowed by some airlines as inflight luggage, which is why it is extremely popular with professional photographers.
When your job or hobby is to wake-up earlier, walk farther, climb higher than others to get a compelling shot, its best to know the kind of gear that best protects your camera equipment. With, literally, tons of brands being marketed, it pays to trust the safety equipment trusted by professionals.

Feature Image Source- photoworkout.com